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A septic tank is out of sight and out of mind…until it fails and the homeowner has a sewage backup no one ever thinks about servicing it. It is important to know about your septic system and have it routinely serviced, including regular septic pumping. Why do you need a septic pumping service? The answer is the same reason you need your car serviced, except there is no red light to remind you! Just like your car requires regular inspections and maintenance in order to lengthen its lifespan and maintain premium utility, your septic tank needs to be pumped in order to protect your leach area so it will last for more than just a few years.

Suggested care and maintenance tips for your septic tank in Liberty: The biggest misconception that home owners make is that septic tank never needs to be pumped. However, your septic system needs to be serviced and maintained in order to perform at its best so you don't run into problems. If you have a food disposal or water treatment system (water softener,) have your septic tank pumped every year. These items are hard on the system and make for an unhealthy environment for your system's bacteria to live in. If your septic system is new than 2004 then your system has a filter and it will require cleaning regularly. What causes the system to fail is when sludge and scum are transferred out of the tank and into the leach area. Pumping your system on a regular schedule will help prevent the solid waste from forming on the bottom and top layers of the tank.

Septic tanks are airtight to provide a hospitable environment for decomposing-bacteria to thrive in. Every bit of water put into the septic tank must exit the tank. In other words in an efficiently functioning septic system, flushing the toilet causes 5 gallons of water to enter the septic tank and 5 gallons of effluent to flow out of the tank into the leach area.

Rule of Thumb for Septic Pumping Maintenance:

  • For a family of two: pump your tank every three years
  • For a family of three: pump your tank every two years
  • For a family of four or more: pump you tank every year. Your system should never go more than three years without service. The cleaner your system, the longer it will perform!
  • Systems installed after 2004 have a filter in the rear baffle and require service annually or at the time of servicing your septic. The filters are there to protect the effluent from transferring to your leach area and will back the system up if not serviced.

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